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Well-Rounded, Tech Savvy, Diverse Talent Pool for Employers

Employers will have access to a diverse talent pool of close to 10,000 graduates from NTU every year.

The university's academic and research programmes, with real-world relevance, have reaped dividends in the form of strong support from major corporations and industry leaders, in terms of both research funding and partnerships as well as global internship and job opportunities for our students.

NTU's undergraduate experience, offering a broad education in diverse disciplines, including residential living and international experience, has also received external endorsement for its holistic curriculum featuring a rich selection of majors and minors.

At NTU, academically-inclined students with a yen for research can take part in the Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus programme. High-calibre students with a deep passion for science and technology also have the option to pursue the CN Yang Scholars Programme, a premier undergraduate programme that prepares science and engineering talents for top graduate schools as well as greater feats in the 21st century.

Through its overseas exchange programmes, NTU allows its students to study, do research and work at some of the best partner universities and international organisations. Currently, one in two students at NTU has at least one overseas learning opportunity during the course of their undergraduate studies.

Tech-savvy and adaptable, graduates of the university are sought-after and well-paid, drawing some of the highest starting salaries among local university graduates

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